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Just like Bear Bryant, I taught work, self-discipline, sacrifice, teamwork, fighting to achieve as a Football Coach, and now as a  Business Mentor and Leader - I'm doing the same thing.

I remember being the High School Football Coach, and working with kids whose Dad wanted them to be in football, their heads were never in the game, and they weren't willing to put in the work. I now make sure the people I work with are ready to put in the work, and if they are - I'm willing to share my Playbook with them.

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Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) says that the best way to pick a network marketing company is to choose based on the leader. When I stepped into network marketing, I didn't know that advise and only through pure luck did I find myself on Brent Palmer's team. But man am I grateful that I was so fortunate! What Brent has done for our business, for my skillset and for my future is invaluable. Under his mentorship I have learned and achieved more than I ever thought possible. Brent is an incredible leader and he pours his heart and his time into the team. If you are in a position to pick a leader to follow - I cannot recommend Brent enough.

Andrea Rosser

Brent Palmer is the best of the best in the industry!! I am very privileged to have the opportunity to be mentored by him. Teaming up with Brent, almost 3 years ago, took my business to a whole new level. He maintains a high level of integrity, is caring and very driven. Brent is a quintessential difference maker in the lives he comes in contact with.

Amy Weatheread

My journey in network marketing started over two years and a half ago. It has been an experience that has changed my life in many different aspects. It has changed my life health wise, financially but most important I have met incredible people that are helping me grow . Brent Palmer has been one of them. Brent has always inspired me. It is very interesting that we have a lot of things in common we are both coaches hard workers, family driven and we want to be more. He has been my mentor throughout this journey and I have learned so much from him.  I know I have his support, I have locked arms with him and we will go far , very very far. I thank God for having the opportunity of having Brent Palmer as my mentor. A humble man, with a heart of a warrior who is always there to help his team, with the mission of blessings others.

Hector Salgado

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