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The Future is Network Marketing

There’s a good chance that someone you know is in the network marketing business. From cosmetics to kitchen accessories, healthcare and fitness, there is a direct sales company out there leveraging their raving fan base of customers to market their products.

It’s the future of doing business in the digitally connected world.

Why network marketing?

Think about it from the perspective of the owner of that product (or service); would you prefer to pay for a physical store, stock inventory, hire staff, pay for advertising and only grow one store at a time?

Of course, this is how many successful household names began, but a network marketing company thinks differently – instead of physical stores, they have people – avid consumers (perhaps?) of their products – raving about them to their friends and family. Instead of slow growth limited to one area, a network marketing company can reach thousands, even millions of customers in a very quick space of time. And the customer wins too – instead of paying rent for a storefront and a stockroom full of inventory, the savings can be passed on and the customer receives a product they can trust, at the best price.

If you’re thinking about becoming a network marketer, here are some of the positive things that you can expect from your business (with hard work and focus of course).

What are the benefits?

Limited risk

Usually someone can launch their network marketing business with just a few hundred dollars, sometimes even less. This is far less daunting than approaching the bank for a business loan for tens or hundreds of thousands that you have no guarantee you will be able to pay back. Network marketing gets you on the entrepreneurial journey easily, and at relatively low risk. Of course, there is an element of risk when you go it alone, but most people who succeed agree that the initial small outlay is completely worth it in the long run.

A bit of extra money… for starters

Starting a traditional business is often an all or nothing venture. And it rarely pays off in the early years at all. But network marketing allows you to dip your toe into the entrepreneurial world first, and gives you a taste of what your life could easily become. A couple of extra dollars here, then a couple of hundred dollars, then a mortgage payment, then a full salary – it’s crazy how quick a lot of people are motivated to make it work for them full time – and that’s the great thing – you can do it at your own pace.

A taste for the big bucks

Any successful network marketer is usually quite proud of how much they make – because they have worked so hard to create something for themselves and their family. It’s not all about the money of course, but it is a big part of it, and one of the most appealing things about network marketing is the potential to earn whatever you want. Not what your boss thinks you’re worth. Not that measly 2% annual increase. Not your industry pay cap. You get paid for the time, effort and determination you put in – and if there’s no limit on your input, then your earning potential will be limitless too.

Use the latest technology

This might not sound appealing to everyone starting out on their own, but the benefits can be pretty awesome. You can literally grow your business from your Smartphone, with very little tech know-how. Video messenger services, online payment portals, social media marketing tools are all instantly and easily available and will become the best tools to quickly grow your business. It also means you can work pretty much anywhere (with a wifi connection of course). The freedom you can gain from this way of working is not to be underestimated (see below point).

Work in your pjs, from the beach, the poolside, or your sofa

That cliché of working from home in your pjs does have some truth in it – you can run your business from home, or anywhere you choose. It means you don’t ever have to ask someone else when you can take time off, or negotiate with colleagues over who gets Thanksgiving or Christmas with their kids this year.

Yes, you might have to check your emails before hitting the beach on vacation – but it’s a vacation that’s probably been paid for by your hard work on your business and no one is going to be deciding when that holiday is over except you!

These are just some of the many benefits enjoyed by network marketers. But if you’re more of a facts and figures kind of person, let’s just leave these here…

In 2015, network marketing (direct sales) reached $183.7 billion in Revenue

Roughly $73.4 billion (40%), was paid directly to distributors via commissions…

[That’s $6.1 billion per month and $201 million every day – 365 days a year!]

So what are you waiting for?

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